What is ACN?

The American College of Norway (ACN) is celebrating 25 years of excellence in bringing Norwegians, Americans and other international students together to study in Moss, Norway. ACN is part of the American university system and offers curriculum in English. The schedule and academic calendar follow the American system as well. Because American students are comfortable with this form of education, other cultural differences are then exciting and not overwhelming.

Americans and dual Norwegian/American citizens make up about 10% of the student body. There are only 70 students admitted to the program each year so students get to know their classmates and enjoy the intimate environment. They attend ACN to study abroad and experience a different culture, and experience the daily excitement of living in Norway.

Norwegian students choose ACN to gain one year of an American university education before heading to the U.S. to complete their degrees. Our advisors help with course selection, housing, visa information and other practical matters necessary for their transition to the U.S. system.

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